Neukind is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Phala Network. Neukind will provide tools and channels to support Phala both in Japan’s privacy computing nodes field and the layout of computing power globalization. ( For the official medium post, please visit here.)

#Clubhouse has seen a surge in search on Social Networks, but we think it’s getting easier to get invitations than before. We are sure that some of you are already familiar with the service. Please check out these recommended accounts to quickly get information on crypto, blockchain, and DeFi.

First, the #DEFI Club. A “Club” is created according to the theme, like the Facebook page on Facebook. Therefore, it is perfect for collecting information on #DEFI.

Node as a Service® makes it easier than ever to operate JPYX and EURX validator nodes

Neukind’s Node as a Service® offering puts the full power of Neukind’s decentralized infrastructure at your fingertips. With NaaS, you can launch a blockchain staking node or full node within minutes. Thanks to a partnership with LCNEM, developer of the JPYX and EURX stablecoin protocols, Neukind is now adding support for these blockchain protocols to NaaS.

Neukind Co., Ltd. is decentralized with “Node as a Service®” (NaaS) that allows you to easily launch a blockchain staking full node in a decentralized environment. In cooperation with LCNEM Co., Ltd., …

We are excited to announce that our Node as a Service ( is LIVE for ETH2.0! Join us now to be an early adopter of ETH2 staking!

Deploy Your own ETH2 node
Deploy Your own ETH2 node

Why you should stake your ETH with Neukind?

  • Non-custodial staking
  • Deploy your node in a few clicks
  • Run your node on a decentralized cloud

Our node performance so far

With Ethereum 2.0 mainnet beacon chain launch just around the corner, Neukind has announced an innovative solution for managing validator nodes: Node as a Service.

In case you’re curious about ETH 2.0, the economics and risk factors of staking, or just want to learn how to participate in this exciting launch, we’ve prepared some information you should find useful.

Countdown to Ethereum 2.0 Staking: make sure you’re prepared!

Why stake ETH?

This article explains how Ethereum 2.0 staking works and how by offering Neukind Node-as-a-service, Neukind is able to provide a safe and easy environment for clients to capitalise on…


We provide one-click node deployment for all blockchains on decentralized cloud. Visit us at

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