Neukind and LCNEM to Announce Support For New JPYX and EURX Stablecoins on Node as a Service®

2 min readJan 8, 2021
Node as a Service® makes it easier than ever to operate JPYX and EURX validator nodes

Neukind’s Node as a Service® offering puts the full power of Neukind’s decentralized infrastructure at your fingertips. With NaaS, you can launch a blockchain staking node or full node within minutes. Thanks to a partnership with LCNEM, developer of the JPYX and EURX stablecoin protocols, Neukind is now adding support for these blockchain protocols to NaaS.

Neukind Co., Ltd. is decentralized with “Node as a Service®” (NaaS) that allows you to easily launch a blockchain staking full node in a decentralized environment. In cooperation with LCNEM Co., Ltd., which develops blockchains “JPYX” and “EURX” that serve as a platform for stable coins, “JPYX” and “EURX,” Neukind is announcing the support for these blockchains on NaaS.

The blockchains JPYX and EURX developed by LCNEM are decentralized stablecoin platforms that are linked to the Japanese yen (JPY) and Euro (EUR), respectively.
On the blockchain JPYX, the native JPYX stablecoin token can be issued and used using the governance token “Jasmine”.
In EURX, this governance token is called “Eustoma”.
Both blockchains were forked from the Kava project, which offers a DeFi lending platform. LCNEM is also developing an explorer called Cosmoscan with a wallet function for the Cosmos “Internet of Blockchains.”

In order to improve the security of the blockchain and promote decentralization, it is necessary to secure a certain number of nodes to run the network. Neukind operates and maintains nearly 7,000 blockchain full nodes, making it one of the top staking infrastructure providers in Japan.

Neukind and LCNEM will cooperate with each other to design and develop a highly decentralized blockchain network and provide stable coins linked to the Japanese yen and Euro to further promote the adoption of crypto assets.

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Founded: August 2018
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Neukind Co., Ltd. has the advantage of providing blockchain nodes, and as “Node as a Service ®”, we provide services that can easily launch blockchain staking full nodes such as Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot in a decentralized environment. It is expanding.
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Founded: March 2018
HQ: Kyoto, Japan
CEO: Yu Kimura
LCNEM Co., Ltd. develops systems based on economic theory and blockchain technology. LCNEM also develops open source software such as SDK for Cosmos blockchain.





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