Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi space recommended accounts to follow at Clubhouse

3 min readFeb 2, 2021


#Clubhouse has seen a surge in search on Social Networks, but we think it’s getting easier to get invitations than before. We are sure that some of you are already familiar with the service. Please check out these recommended accounts to quickly get information on crypto, blockchain, and DeFi.

First, the #DEFI Club. A “Club” is created according to the theme, like the Facebook page on Facebook. Therefore, it is perfect for collecting information on #DEFI.

Next, personal accounts. The account that starts with @ is the same as Twitter, which is Clubhouse’s account. They are arranged in alphabetical order.

0xMaki 源 義経 @0xmaki
Core contributor of Sushiswap

Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantonop
Author of Mastering Bitcoin

Antonio Juliano @antoniomjuliano
Founder dYdX

Brian Armstrong @barmstrong
CEO of Coinbase

Ben Davenport @bendavenport
Co-founder of BitGo & Beluga

Discusfish @bitfish
Cofunder of Cobo & F2pool

Bobby Ong @bobbyong
Co-founder & COO of CoinGecko

Catherine Coley @catherinecoley
CEO of Binance.US

Arthur Hayes @cryptohayes
CEO of Bitmex

CZ @cz_binance
CEO of Binance

David Mrcus @davidmarcus
Co-creator & Board member Diem(fka Libra)

Defi Dad @defi_dad
Chief DeFi Officer (CDO) of

Du jun @dujunx
Co-founder of Huobi

Elon Musk @elonmusk
That Elon Musk. @realelonmusk is a fake account.

Galia Benartzi @galia
Co-Founder, Business Development of Bancor

Hayden Adams @haydenadams
Founder of Uniswap🦄

jack @jack
CEO of Twitter

Jesse Powell @jespow
Co-founder & CEO of Kraken

Jordan LzG @jordanlzg
COO of Aave

Justin Sun @justinesuntron
Founder of TRON

Katie Haun @katieh
General partner at a16z

Robert Leshner @lesh
CEO of Compound

Jeffrey Huang @machibigbrother
Cream finance

Mike Dudas @mdudas
Founder of The Block

Rizzo Pete @pete_rizzo_
Editor Kraken Exchange & Advisor BitcoinMagazine

Marc Andreessen @pmarca
Co-founder and general partner at a16z

Sam Bankman-Fried @sbf

Michael Sonnenshein @sonnenshein
CEO of Grayscale

Stani Kulechov @stanikulechov
CEO of Aave

Chandler Song @syf
Co-founder of Ankr &

Mattisson Asher @theether
Ethereum and DeFi Research at ConsenSys

TwoBitIdiot @twobitidiot
messari founder

Tyler Winklevoss @tylerwinklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss @winklevoss

Su Zhu @zhusu
CEO of Three Arrows Capital

Zach Segal @zosegal
Head of Listings at Coinbase

It seems that there is no Vitalik ’s account (the creator of Ethereum). We also searched for Satoshi Nakamoto but couldn’t identify who was the real one. Please tell us from @neukindinc if you know that.




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